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About Us

We are committed to improving power quality with high-quality and environment-friendly energy storage solutions, thus providing power with stable, reliable and efficient operation, and bringing a life full of variety.

As a professional company providing energy storage solutions, we are based in Hong Kong and have expanded business worldwide. We have made numerous independent innovations in various aspects such as industrial and civil fields, and have developed worldwide advanced technologies. Among them, our solar charging technology is one of the fastest charging technologies worldwide; in addition, the highest instantaneous power of our 1200W products can reach 2000W. At present, we have been in contact with numerousworld-renowned investment companies.

The products currently launched are mainly used to meet the needs of household emergency power supply, outdoor activities and outdoor rescue, covering numerous scenarios including outdoor live broadcast, camping, construction work, tram charging, and UAV charging.

Our products have advantages such as super-safe fast charging, solar power rapid charging, energy-saving power generation, convenient and flexible power supply. Compared with oil-fired generators, they reduce noise and are cheaper, less polluting and environmentally friendly.